McAwesome University. Eat it, Harvard.

Higher education at low, low prices

Welcome. Here at McAwesome Univeristy - or McU as some have affectionately taken to calling it - we are striking back at the university system for people who don't have the luxury of trust funds, athletic scholarships, or beer money for a case of Schlitz.

An education is not confined to the walls of campus buildings. Your success in this world is dependent not on your talent or ability but on 'who you know' and your social pedigree. Why squander four or more years of your life that could be better spent in the real world earning real money (or at least competing in The World Thumb Wrestling championship).

Don't waste tens of thousands of dollars (or sheep, if we're talking about colleges that accept barter) on overpriced degree factories that care more about fundraisers than your education. Come to a degree factory that's priced like one.

McAwesome University is an accredited institution.

To contact the university staff or inquire about faculty positions, please click here.

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